AngelRUN 2022 : 27/03 – 02/04 2022
Total time : 56h12
Distance : 231 km

In the lead



My suit

Stage 3


Feet doctors


AngelRUN 2022 story

After 8 months of training and searching the best gear I will use here we are at the train station in Belgium ready to start this amazing adventure. 7 days of food, 2 bags, 1 Spiderman suit, 1 flag, 1 brand new pair of shoes and a custom made sleeping bag, that is everything i took with me.

Each night I would be sleeping in tent 139, 4 friends (photo right) from the Reunion island (off the coast of Madagascar) and 3/4 coming back for their third time, so plenty of experience in the tent !

Like announced, i turned up in my Spiderman suit, and made sure to start on the front line each morning. Enabling me to get some media coverage and been able to put out there the Angelman Syndrome cause I am running for.

The race is split up into 6 stages of different distances : 32km; 38km; 30km; 86km; 42km and finally 7km. Stage1, 2 and 3 took place in a massive sand storm which complicated navigation and caused a lot of dihydration to many competitors. Stage 4, which was the long stage, I suffered with stomach pain which caused me to be held 4h at the medical tent for observation until I felt better, the night had fallen, my body was sending me msg that i was exhausted, so at km 43 i had a 3h nap, at 1am i started walking again without stopping until i reach the bivouac at 10am! Stage 5, was the marathon stage and I was exhausted form the previous days and survived to get to the finish. After a good night sleep, plenty of sugar, I started stage 6 in great shape and was able to finish 25th overall of the stage !!

The Marathon des Sables is an EPIC adventure i would recommended to any adrenaline loving person out there. I came alone and left with friends for life.

My moto during the event: “Pain is just information”

About the Run

The LEGENDARY Marathon des Sables

is a 6 day, 250km ultramarathon in Morocco, which is approximatly the distance of 6 regular marathons, back to back. (Wikipedia)

The race was first ran in 1986 with only 23 competitors, in 2022 there will be about 1100 people on the start line. 

The organisation team provide water bottles at the checkpoints on the course and a 8 person tent at the camp in the evening. All the rest needs to be carried by the competitor in their bag on their bag.

The reason

Why is Chris running this Marathon?

By swimming the Channel from the United Kingdom to France in August 2021, Chris raized just over 23 000 euros. 15,500€ was then donated to the “Angelman Syndrome Alliance” in order to help finance a cure.

In order, to continue raising money and awareness for ANGELMAN syndrome, Chris will run the Marathon des Sables wearing a Spiderman Morphsuit and a green flag with all the ANGELMAN charities represented. The race will tak eplace in Morocco in the month of April 2022, at this time of year the average temperature during the day is above 45 degrees celcius ! This has never been attempted before !