Raising 75,000€ and awareness for Angelman Syndrome by swimming across the Channel from England to France

Money raised : 20,170€

(updated 12/08 08:48)


67,500€ going to Angelman Syndrome Research 

Total budget : 75,000€

Swim cost = 7,500€ (10%) : 
     – Entry fee : 4,000€ : Cost boat, CSA fee, Judge fee
     – Media : 1,500€ : YouTube Live for the duration of the swim, after-movie
     – Hotel : 800€ : 6 beds for the night before the swim
     – Transport : 700€ : Fuel, eurotunnel train 2 way Calais – Dover
     – Equipment : 500€ : Swim gear, warm clothes, swim food, swim drink

Research donation = 67,500€ (90%) : directly to Angelman Syndrome Research

Endorced by Angelman Syndrome Alliance

The Angelman Syndrome Alliance regroups 14 Angelman Syndrome organisations from 13 different countries from Japan to Portugal

Endorced by Angelman Syndrome Foundation

The first Angleman Syndrome organisation was founded in 1986 in the USA and was named “Angelman Syndrome Group”. In 1990 it was renamed the “Angelman Syndrome Foundation” and has since become the leading organisation.
Fun fact: Chris GALE was born in 1990. 

After surviving his first life-threatening accident, Chris GALE completed multiple sporting events such as half marathons, full marathons, half Ironmans and full Ironmans.

After surviving his second life-threatening accident, he was looking for a new challenge and he remembered his mother talking to me about her dream to swim across The Channel when she was in her early twenties – unfortunately, for her, it stayed a dream.

After meeting Femke, and seeing that even without any life-threatening accidents she is in such an unfortunate situation, it was a no brainer for him to try help her and all the other people who have Angelman Syndrome.

His strength to survive accidents and his will to wanting to help Femke, were the combination of factors which layed the path for his next challenge which would be to swim the Dover straight from England to France and by doing so raise as much money and awarness as possible all over the world to help Angelman Syndrome !

Fun fact: more people have successfully climbed Mount Everest than have successfully swum from England to France…

Femke’s father, Arjan van HAL and Chris GALE first met while working together on the Africa Eco Race back in 2015. The Africa Eco Race is the last major international off-road rally in Africa, which starts in Monaco and finishes 2 weeks later in Dakar (Senegal). During those 2 weeks, Arjan and him bonded and created a friendship, which was brought back to Europe at the end of the rally.

A few weeks later, Arjan invited Chris over for his Barbecue Birthday, where Chris quickly became the Barbecue Master Chef, to the horror of all the food lovers present at the party. During the afternoon, Femke was playing in her sandpit, in her tree house and rolling around on her little cart. When Chris was behind the barbecue, he got a tiny glimpse of what Angelman Syndrome was, and all he saw was a 5 year-old Femke who just wanted to constantly play.

As soon as his Master Chef duties were done, he left Arjan and Femke’s mother, Nora, to do the boring talking stuff with the other guests and he went to play with Femke and her cart. Listening to her laughter and seeing her smile so much, it was pretty clear she was having an awesome time while he was pushing her around the garden. Later that evening, when Femke had gone to bed Chris sat down with Arjan and they spoke about what Angelman Syndrome really is.

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